By Melissa Cohen

Why Hearts?

Now, you might ask, “Why hearts, Melissa? Why not something ‘better’, something like muawhahahah Money!!?” And here would be my response, “Because manifesting money doesn’t ‘prove’ anything to most people." What I’ve noticed is that people generally chalk up financial gain to luck, or happenstance, or just don’t see the connection. Money also has a lot of baggage attached to it for most people, including me, which makes the details of it harder to “prove” to someone else. Seeing money in someone else’s hand or bank account doesn’t always help people understand the law of attraction, no matter what story they tell. Go figure!! So, when hearts presented themselves to me, they seemed to be the best symbol to carry my messages of “love is everywhere,” and “what you focus on increases.” For me, the hearts serve as a visible law of attraction. With visible documentation as ‘proof,’ you don’t have to take my word for it. I figure “seeing is believing” for most people. Most importantly of all, I wanted to be able to convey this message to my daughter in a way she might be able to “hear” it.  More proof, less talk seems to work best with kids...and adults too!