By Melissa Cohen

What is Love?

When I say love is everywhere, what does that mean to you?  I think definitions of love from the dictionary are quite inadequate for what I’m meaning and what you may be thinking.  Let’s discuss a few scenarios to come to and understanding of love.

Let’s start off with the most popular thought of love, “Romantic love.” You know that tingly inner deliciousness that permeates your body when you are “in love?” Your thoughts swirl around the vision of your loved one. The sky is bluer; the clouds paint the sky in a most beautiful way. Colors seem more vivid. The smell of the air is crisp and clear. Your senses are alive. Things that would usually annoy you are brushed off and taken lightly because your current state of love is so strong.  You wake up thinking about this person. People around you are smiling and take notice of your loving state.  Comments are made that you have a glow about you and you look great.  Something is different.

How about the inner excitement of a fresh new idea that totally captivates your attention?  The feeling that you figured it out and are on to a great achievement. You feel it in every fiber of your body.  Your mind is on fire with passion and delight that you can do it. You have dreams about the idea. You wake up with solutions or enhancements to the idea.  You love this idea, this work you have chosen to pursue.

Have you ever had that incredible, magical feeling of gratitude/love because of something someone has done for you out of sheer kindness, with no reason to do so? It feels deep, penetrating, and safe like a long, well needed bear hug. You keep mulling it over in your mind, thinking “Wow!  Wow, someone did that for me!” You can’t believe your good fortune.  You see the world differently in that moment. Everything seems possible.

Then there’s the love of a new toy/thing.  Exhilarating, oh my god you actually have it, it has arrived, kind of love. There’s that tingling sensation when you first get it and use it.  When you look at it you are filled with sparks, excitement, and ear to ear smiles. You wake up exhilarated, thinking about it, ready to use it, play with it.

And finally, there are babies and animals that can connect you with love.  Can’t you just feel and see the radiating unconditional love when you are in the presence of the full body wag of a dog or the cooing squeals of a happy baby? Sometimes you carry that pure delightful energy into the rest of your day.

There are a couple of things to take notice of with regards to the above scenarios of love.  First, in each situation, love is felt by you/me, and not necessarily the object of our love. The love interest, the sparked idea, the toy, the infant do not need to have love for you for you to have an incredible feeling of love for it. Second, notice that in each of these scenarios, the feelings of love are attached, connected to a person, place, or thing.  Therefore, I would like to define love as,  “the most juicy, uplifting emotional noun/experience imaginable.” 

Now, how does love is everywhere fit in? If my reasoning holds true that each one of us connects this feeling of love to the specific objects/nouns in our lives, then we are free to broaden our scope of this love connection at any time.

My feeling that love was and is everywhere comes when I connect this tingly, delicious, captivating, magical feeling to life itself.  Every time I spot a heart,  I get a flooding of love like I’ve received a new toy or a new lover! As time has gone by, I feel the luscious love of life without having to spot a heart. Love really is everywhere if I only allow the feeling, the connection to the moment instead of whatever else I might be feeling. As with anything, it takes practice and awareness to make progress.  You can choose to feel discouraged that you are at the place you are at with the awareness you have, or you can choose to appreciate any moment of awareness as progress.  I’ve personally never felt that self-deprecation has helped with any kind of progress in my life. Instead, it has just served to reinforce negative behaviors and feelings.  However, neutral and/or kind observing of self has been immensely beneficial to me and is what I would highly recommend at the starting point and at every point along your journey.

This love that I’m talking about doesn’t care where you’ve been.  It doesn’t care what you’ve done.  It is all about now. It is right here, right now and just a thought away, a perception away, a shift of focus.  It’s in the seemingly ordinary things around you. It’s waiting for you to choose it in the buffet of feelings available to you. No matter what your choice is, always know it’s on the menu!  And, let’s be honest, choosing the same thing all of the time could be BORING!!  On occasion, you may need a big serving of something different as a change of pace to appreciate and understand the flavor of your main choice a bit better. With my understanding of the law of attraction, I choose love as my main course and the side dish emotions are there to enhance experience.

Through my visible documentation of found hearts, I have learned many lessons that have helped me understand and accept more love in my life.  I strive to find hearts (love) in unexpected places to better illustrate my feelings and point. I hope that I’m able to show you my understanding of the law of attraction in action, and that love IS everywhere if you can get to an alternate position or perspective.

It’s a connection or attachment to something or someone that helps us to be in this state of love. I say let the connection for this feeling be to life, to today, to the experience.

So the next time you are in a dark spot or a challenging place, know that you can find love around you. Relax knowingly into love.  It’s always there for you when you are ready.

Happy Manifesting!