By Melissa Cohen


Do you kinda, sorta, maybe want “proof” of the law of attraction? Do you want some concrete physical “evidence?”  Well, so do I!  You’ve come to the right spot as I’ve been documenting my heart manifesting skills since January 2013. The question that keeps pestering me is, “what is proof?” I can be hard on myself and sometimes have an inner critic that shows up like an uninvited, unsatisfied, hard to take acquaintance and shouts, “that’s not proof!” You know that person too, don’t you?  Therefore, let’s go to the dictionary to quell any bickering badness we both might have. Here are a few definitions that I like best: (my favorite go to dictionary) definition #1 of "proof":

: something which shows that something else is true or correct. definitions #1 and #6:

#1: evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

#6: the effect of evidence in convincing the mind.

I really love definition #6. …convincing the mind.  Hmmmm, what is needed to convince a mind? What amount of proof does something need in order to “prove” it to or convince you/me? It seems everyone is different in his/her level of proof needed.

For many people, including myself in younger years, I have noticed that it sometimes takes just one negative thing to “prove,” that something/some situation is always “bad”, should be avoided, doesn’t work and/or isn’t going to work. Conversely, it takes many, or perhaps a lifetime, of positive things to “prove” that something is “good.”I know that even with all of my “proof” regarding manifesting, I still have moments of doubt.  With this nebulous looming “proof” level, it’s hard to decide what is enough to actually be considered as “proof.” I’m hopeful that my experiment will put a good dent in the proof arena.

Since my objective for this site is to help anyone struggling with the need for proof and  understanding of this law of attraction thing, please think about how many heart photos I might need to “prove” my point? What types of photos do I need to “prove” my point regarding the law of attraction or, as I sometimes like to call it, “what you focus on increases?” Do I need 100 photos? 1000? More? I know I already have 1,000+ photos. Quite a few of them seem hard to believe that I could actually be there at the right time and place, AND have the camera ready to capture the moment as many of them areephemeral. But, for the purposes of this site, what matters most is that I’m providing these hearts in a meaningful way that conveys the law of attraction to you.

If you are as critical, persnickety and/or hard to please as some of my relatives, high school teachers, and college professors, I know I’ll need to come to an agreement about what a heart shape should look like. You might think this is a silly thing to bring up, but what if one of my hearts doesn't meet your criteria? Will you immediately dismiss all the other hearts and only focus on the one you don’t like/disagree with?  Will you then question my judgment, my standards? To help with this, I say, let Google be your guide and mine! If you see a heart that doesn’t measure up, please get your geek on and Google. 

I Googled each of the following, followed by “heart shape” and “heart,” and came up with a variety of heart styles: open, rugged, ragged, twisted, skinny, fat, rough, irregular, geometric, unusual, artsy, rusty and even hairy! I also searched for skinny, twisted, artsy, stylized and Hallmark followed by “heart cards.”  It turns out that greeting cards really take artistic liberties. With these images in mind, I feel, for the most part, I’ve met the criteria based on Google. BUT, please be aware that I have taken some liberties with my Artsie Fartsie Heartsies to make them just that.  Please also keep in mind that some of my photos are about subject matter and not necessarily about quality as my priority is documenting what’s there.

If you don’t want to rely on Google research, my “First Inspired Heart” series is what really inspired me.  The hearts in these photos are what someone else thought was heart enough to hang in a tree as an inspirational symbol for others to find.  You will see that there are a variety of shapes that make up a heart.  Some are traditional Traditional Heart and some are just suggestive heart shapes. Suggestive Heart 1 Suggestive Heart 2 Suggestive Heart 3   

These are my true inspirations.

Although most of you would take my photos at face value, I know there are many out there, lawyerly types, who might question things, thinking I’ve doctored some of these.  And I would say “yes” and “no” to that.  Let me get things clear before we move on.   I do have scruples and there are a few self-prescribed guidelines I follow in order for this to be a good experiment. I do not alter the hearts at the time of the photo, meaning I don’t move anything on the ground/sky/whatever, to make a heart shape. I only shoot what is there at the time I see it. I do not alter the hearts with a photo editing software to change their shape or surroundings. What you see is what I saw/found.

The only thing I do to the photos, editing wise, is to use the following adjustment tools: exposure, contrast, definition, saturation, vibrancy, highlights, shadows, mid contrast, black point, crop, and sometimes hue. For any of you without photo experience, these are all color/contrast or cropping tools and do not change the shape/content of the image.

In thinking about this whole proof thing, I realize that I need to share some of the circumstances/stories of how I found the hearts to really round out my law of attraction message. Certain heart finds have stories that were impactful for me and add to the intrigue of whether the Universe is conspiring to help me out….or whether I’m just darn “lucky.” I will include a few narratives from the past to prove how lucky I am! In my blog, I will write about insights I have had from taking the photo, or a narrative of how I found the heart, depending on what seems to be my guiding factor. Also, please view my instagram for daily heart photo postings.  Note that I don’t post every heart I find/manifest as I feel it would be overwhelming to the instagram crowd; I try to keep it to 1-4 a day.  The amount I post also has to do with available time and internet connectivity, not the amount of hearts I have found.

I don’t know if I’d ever get the site going if I waited until I had processed all of my past hearts as I have a year and a half of manifesting and about 10+ hearts coming in each day! I will regularly be adding new and past hearts, and perhaps new categories, so please keep checking in for additional “proof.”

Happy manifesting!

:) Melissa