By Melissa Cohen

How Hearts Started

How Hearts Started-3

It all started on a hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona in December 2012. There they were, stone hearts placed along the trail. I hadn’t noticed them for most of the hike. Towards the end of the trail, I spotted a few of these hearts. A smile and a warm thankful feeling overcame me at the thought that someone had deliberately placed these to spread love and joy.

On my way back down the trail, I started noticing them everywhere. With each heart I spotted, a feeling of love, connection to the universe and gratitude grew inside me. I couldn’t believe that I had missed seeing some of them on the way up the trail as it was clear they were everywhere.

In the last stretch of trail, a tall man in his 60s heading towards me smiled and said, “here” and handed me a small red stone heart as he headed past me on the trail. (It’s the heart in the header photograph.) As I continued back to my car, I kept noticing hearts. Some fabulous person or persons had placed stone hearts all over the place. Perhaps it was the man who passed me and handed me the heart, or perhaps he was just inspired by someone else’s doings.

It was during this first hike that I thought and felt, “love IS everywhere.” I didn’t have my cameras on me that day so I went back the next day to photograph what I had seen. I’ve included 57 photos of these diverse stone hearts under the gallery First Hearts.

The Sedona Method retreat that I was attending helped focus my love and connection to the universe. I carried these feelings into my next hikes, and I started noticing heart shapes in the cacti, trees, and rocks.

How Hearts Started-2

I remember taking a hike in back of my hotel. It had snowed and there was a little bit of snow left in assorted areas. I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great to see a snow heart?” Within about 10 minutes, I saw my snow heart, a patch of snow in the shape of a heart, on this side of the hotel, in a covered area that hadn’t quite melted yet! I’ve included this picture even though it isn’t a strong image, as it is a memorable part of my journey. First Snow Heart I was profoundly touched and inspired that weekend by seeing this visible symbol of love that was popping up all around me.

I felt that love WAS everywhere and I wanted to share this fabulous feeling with my daughter. She means the world to me. As a parent, it’s easy to say a lot of things, give advice, blah blah blah and you don’t know what gets heard or is taken to heart.   How could I share this feeling, show her that the world will conspire to give her everything she focuses on, show her how much I love her? It occurred to me that I could do it visibly. I could prove something that my grandmother and mother said to me, “what you focus on increases.” I could visibly show her the law of attraction and illustrate to her that love was everywhere if I focused on hearts. I hoped I could truly let her know how much I love her. I hoped I could give her the gift of knowing that love IS everywhere and that she has the power to create a joy-filled, loving life.

I decided to make a book of found hearts for her 18th birthday, which was a year away. The focus of the book was “Love is everywhere”, “What you focus on increases”, and “I love you more than you know.” The hearts appeared in all kinds of places and I photographed them.  I added words to connect the images, and this past January 2014 she turned 18 and I gave her the book. She said it was the best gift she had ever gotten. Yay! I did it…or at least I did it at the moment.

Quite a few people saw the book and advised me to publish it. As it’s really geared to my daughter and her 18th birthday, it’s not something that someone would want to purchase in its current form. Also, I want to keep that book just for her so I'm not going to officially publish it. However, I have been encouraged to write a collection of books to go with the hundreds of heart photos I have.

As an ongoing gift to my daughter, to myself, and now the community at large, I continue to photograph hearts and am working on several new books. In the meantime, putting up a website seemed the best way to really share the magnitude of my photographic manifesting. It is my hope to spread love and the visible law of attraction with my found hearts. My goal is to show enough “proof” of the law of attraction that others will be inspired to find their own “hearts” in life; something to focus on, something that they are wanting to increase, and then spend time doing just that. Please let me know about your adventures with the law of attraction!

Happy Manifesting!