By Melissa Cohen

Melissa Cohen

Law of Attraction Photographer

Who have I been and how did I get here? I feel that a list of the many labels/descriptors I’ve had associated with me over the years would present the best snapshot of my life: mom, daughter, sister, auntie, girlfriend, lover, wife, ex wife, event photographer, on set photographer, special stills photographer, art photographer, inspirational photographer, artist, set medic, phlebotomist, second assistant director, production assistant, special effects makeup coordinator, waitress, bartender, employee, employer, volunteer, Goleta Boys & Girls Club council member, Popular Science reader, watcher, closet science geek, culinary dabbler, receptionist, CAD designer, sr. account manager, Higher Ed. Team Leader, student, teacher, dancer, hearty laugher, volleyball player, traveler, communications major, talker, loud, smiley, Loyola Marymount University graduate, metaphysical pursuer, money magnet, law of attraction believer, rabbit owner, ice cream scooper, Northside Optimist Club member, friend….and now, web author!

Now for the “how did I get here part.” Photography has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old. My professional work started in my 20s, working in the film industry. I drifted away from the film industry and photography when I began my 9 to 5+ overtime parental lifestyle, but it found me again a few years back. My self-help/spiritual/metaphysical/law of attraction seeking growth spurt seemed to coincide with my digital photography delving. The two have come together to form this website. When I put my cameras down and didn’t regularly shoot for many years, I felt like I couldn’t say or do anything photographically as someone else had already done it, and done it well. Deep down I really wanted to shoot something that expressed “me,” but couldn’t figure out what it was. With hearts, I feel like I’ve found it. I’ve always loved science, cause and effect, the unexplained things in life, metaphors, and the curious way the human mind works. I love textures, shapes, contrast, color and the magic I see all around me when I’m tuned in. I love getting inspired and sharing inspiration.  I hope my sharing helps you to find your own “heart” so that you can feel/see/know the law of attraction in action!